Data Center

Data Center

Data Center

Green does not mean more expensive. Our green data center services typically average 20% less than our competition. Here are some of the technologies and systems we have incorporated to save energy. These are not only environmentally friendly, but allow us to pass through cost savings to our customers which is how we are able to offer such great pricing structures.

Our Green Data center has high-availability and secures facility that is designed to operate at approximately 60% lower energy utilization per square foot than comparable data centers of the same size. This translates directly into more computing power using less energy in a given building.

· Air-Side Economizers – Free cooling from Athens average annual temperatures of 23.6 degrees.

· Efficient Floor Layout and Design – aligning and redefining the rack space.

· Highly Efficient IT Equipment – spin down disk technology and servers with the highest power to performance ratios.

· Virtualization – cloud computing environment that reduces energy waste from idle servers and IT equipment.

· Latest technology power generator to keep our systems running in the unlike event of a power failure.

· Fiber Optic Internet Feed